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DSC00303The Photo / Video Wedding Package

Wedding Photo & video Fusion is a very new buzzword in the area of wedding services. The fusion of both photography and video is when one person shoots BOTH wedding photos and wedding videos, using the SAME multi-media cameras to shoot BOTH types of media. New HD DSLR technology is what enables one person and one camera to capture BOTH still wedding photos and moving HD videos BOTH at full resolution without any degradation of either format. If done right, the customer receives great full resolution wedding photos, and a short form wedding video with a 1080P High Definition video highlight edited to music. The picture quality of today’s HD DSLR’s (short for high definition, digital single lens reflex camera) that shoot video, is far superior to the quality of conventional video camcorders even more expensive High definition camcorders. There are some high end wedding videographers who use these high tech cameras just for video. Award Winning Video and Photography also uses them for BOTH photo and video on the same wedding by the same “fusion artists” !

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Advantages of photo & video fusion (hybrid)

There are a quite few advantages for the wedding couple when they get photo & video fusion (done by an experienced Fusion artist), They include:
• Wedding couples pay less than getting photo and video services from 2 separate companies

• It is less obtrusive to have only one company doing both services

• The new HD DSLR technology gives a better picture quality than a conventional video camera, because of the huge image sensor on today’s DSLR photography and videography cameras. DSLR cameras have image sensors that are between 10 and 15 times larger surface area than conventional video cameras

• HD DSLR cameras can use a variety of cool photographic lenses to give a different “look” to the video, this advantage was only available to photographers before HD DSLRs could record incredible 1080P high definition video

• Since HD DSLR cameras have the ability to get a “shallow depth of field look”, so that the wedded couple could be in sharp focus and have everything in the background out of focus. This yields a great “cinematic look” to the video

• Since HD DSLRs get better low light performance than conventional video cameras, the “fusion artist” will either not need a video light, or a use a video light that is of a lower wattage than would be used for a conventional videography

• Since the “fusion artist” is shooting photos and videos at different times, the flash that the photographer uses wont be used (during video recording) and there will be no annoying flash during the wedding video. (except when a guest takes a photo with flash)

• Possibilty to capture over 10,000 HD photos…and NEVER missing a certain glance, or that look in your eyes at a special moment! ONLY the fusion company can do this – Award Winning Video and Photography is the master of fusion.

Photo and HD video Packages: Our packages include the best team for HD Video and HD Photography! We have produced more Wedding Videos than any other company in New Mexico!! All our work is guaranteed!**************************

SILVER: 1799* 2159 *HD Video and Photography - Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony & Reception – 4hrs. coverage * 9×12 Hard cover Photobook w/ 2o pages *Blu-Ray HD disc or DVD


GOLD: 2199* 2639 * HD Video w/ 3 HD video cameras and Photography- 6 hrs. *Childhood Montage [ 30 photos ] *Hi-Lite Video *Slideshow of ALL Photos *Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony and Reception – 6hrs. coverage * 9×12 Hard cover Photobook w/ 4o pages *Blu-Ray HD disc or 3 DVD’s


PLATINUM: 2799* 3359 *HD Video [ multi HD video cameras ] and Photography – all day! *Childhood Montage [ 60 photos ] *FREE Engagement Photo Session in our Studio *Hi-Lite Video *Slideshow of ALL Photos *Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony and Reception – 6hrs. coverage * 12×15 Hard cover Photobook w/ 4o pages * Blu-Ray HD discs and 3 DVD’s

~ all packages include: HD Blu-Ray disks, DVD’s , Titles, Special FX, Music, Disc Chapter Menu

We are now offering 3D HD Video….makes a reception really POP!!

**to get the 20% discount, client agrees to allow Award winning Video and Photography to SHOW their photos and video to other couples.